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Uganda film fixers

The Video Lounge Line Producers have offered film production services in Africa since 2005. 

The Video Lounge Uganda is situated in Uganda’s capital city, Kampala. Our local team has had many years of experience in the region as film fixers and manage all aspects of film production services. We host international production companies, advertising agencies, broadcasters, corporates and journalists and cover all genres of film such reality shows , dramas , documentaries, music videos, news, stills photography ………..

Each bid starts off with a request by a client for a quote. Upon receipt a bidder is selected to take the project from first brief call to the final element of the required film production delivery. 

Step one

The bidder sets up a briefing call which enables us to understand our clients’ needs and bring the job in on budget

Step two

Within 24 hours of the brief call, our first draft cost estimate is completed, and a second call takes place at which we present the costs and share a local fact sheet containing all the requirements in terms of visas, work permits, general filming permits, location permits, temporary import of film equipment and the rules regarding operating a drone in the region. During this call we go over all the line items included in our quote, explain why we have included them and address all our clients’ questions. Costs are discussed in detail and at the end of the call, all adjustment needed are noted and we are ready to prepare version 2 of the quote.

Step three

We try to get the revised quote with the changes discussed in the step two to client on the same day and if this is not possible, we advise on a time the next day that the V2 quote will be ready. At this stage the quote will covers all the production services required at the very best budget. From this point we work with our client to close the job.

Now a little about the actual production service we offer     


Checklist for visa application when traveling to film on location:

  • Check online whether the country you are a passport holder of requires an entry visa
  • Ensure that you apply for the correct visa as an international film crew member
  • A passport valid for no less than 30 days after the expiry date of intended visit
  • Your flight details in the form of an airline ticket
  • Proof of covid vaccination or in some cases, the results of a covid test prior to your arrival 
  • A yellow fever vaccination card
  • A synopsis of the film project you will film in the country you are traveling to. 
  • A letter of invitation from the hosting production company
  • Proof of accommodation in the country you are traveling to.


Our Film Fixers recommend that the international Film Producers book their own flights from country of origin to film destination. In country Line Producers will handle all local flights.


Our local Film Fixers and Line Producers suggest the following two options:

  • Local Producer or Film Fixer books the accommodation for the international film crew on the production house’s behalf. 
  • The international production company shares their film crew accommodation options with our local Film Fixer to ensure that the hotel accommodation meets with our client’s expectation. 


Our local Film Fixer will arrange all local transport which comes with insurance and a driver for:

  • Art and wardrobe department
  • Equipment vans 
  • Vehicles for both the local and international film crew 
  • A film production vehicle that will be used for the application of film permits and international film crew work permits as well as during the production for the film runner.

Filming permits:

Film permits are required by all international film production company’s when filming on location in Africa and the Middle East. Documentation requirements include:

  • Synopsis of the film production
  • List of international film crew and their designation 
  • List of film gear for temporary import which must include a detailed description, serial numbers, quantities, and values.
  • International film crew passport valid for no less than 30 days after the expiry date of intended visit
  • A film location list
  • Length of stay in country

Space / Office:

Although we have film production offices in every country in Africa and the Middle East, we recommend that pre-production meetings and presentations are held at the hotel at which the international film crews are resident as traffic results in lost film production time.


Our film unit service includes:

  • Unit vehicle
  • Tents, umbrellas, chairs, and tables
  • Small generator
  • Cooler boxes for craft
  • Mobile toilets
  • Extension cables and adapters for the international film crew


In Africa and the Middle East our local Line Producers and Film Fixers work closely with our Executive Producers to offer production services for aspect of your film production.

Post Production:

The Video Lounge Africa and the Middle East is able to offer the following in each country:

  • Offline edits
  • Local voice artists 
  • Sound recording studios
  • Music composition by local composers 
  • Film footage uploads in countries whereby the necessary broad bandwidth is available


Our experienced team includes: 

  • Senior wardrobe mistress 
  • Wardrobe assistants 
  • Vehicle inclusive of insurance for buying and during the film productions
  • A sound knowledge of suppliers able to meet the international film Director’s wardrobe brief


Our local film crews are skilled professionals who have over the years worked on many local sets servicing international production companies. 

  • Directors
  • DOP’s
  • Cameraman
  • Soundman
  • AD’s
  • Grips
  • Gaffers
  • DIT
  • VTO
  • Art Directors with their teams
  • Wardrobe mistresses with their teams 
  • Drivers 
  • Security
  • Film Fixers
  • Production Managers
  • Production Coordinators
  • Production Runners………..


Our film production offices are able to source locally or from our neighboring film offices most equipment our clients require at local rates. 

  • Film Cameras
  • Stills Cameras
  • Lighting
  • Grips
  • Generators
  • Audio equipment
  • VT
  • DIT kits

Casting and Talent:

In each of the countries we have film production offices in we have access to the very best Talent Scouts and Casting Directors. Our process is as follows:

  • Review the script
  • Contact relevant talent and model agencies with brief
  • Prepare for the casting: casting venue, camera, cameraman, z cards, cast information sheet, excerpts from scripts when necessary
  • Host casting
  • Review casting tapes with film Director and make shortlist
  • Organize call backs 
  • Film Director and client make final selections


Our location and unit managers are able to source and negotiate best prices for almost any film location in all the countries we have film production offices in. 


The level of security required for each film location varies. We have a database of the following:

  • Security guards to watch over film equipment on set and manage crowd control
  • Armed security guards where necessary
  • In some regions such as Egypt you will require local military policing 


In each country we are able to offer the following:

  • Crew vans
  • Film equipment vans
  • Art Department and wardrobe vehicles
  • Small sedans for film production runners
  • Luxury vehicles 
  • Cast transportation 


The Video Lounge Africa and the Middle East have teams of managers that oversee the film production process from the research phase right through to handing over of the film material.


Our art team comprises of:

  • Production Designers 
  • Set Builders
  • Art Directors
  • Swing Gangs
  • Wardrobe Mistresses with their assistants
  • Hair & Make Up
  • Special Effects masters
  • Clean up teams


Our caterers specialize in local dishes, but are also able to put together tasty dishes for our international film crews. Breakfast, mid morning snacks, lunches, afternoon teas, light dinners and lots of craft and refreshments.