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Our success lies with our extremely passionate
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We Offer.

A full film and photography production service in all countries in Africa and The Middle East.


Our team of world class directors give our clients a competitive edge...


Visas, Travel, Accommodation, Crew, Equipment, Art Department, Wardrobe, Location, Cast, Catering, Security, Post Production...


We represent a number of highly talented stills photographers, that offer localized knowledge and experience in a large number of African countries..


With our team of talented directors, DoP's, editors, film and video crews...

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Meet our Team.

Our many years of experience coupled with unrelenting passion and enthusiasm we have cultivated a strong drive for excellence, with our clients and their audiences at the forefront of everything we do.

Film Production

We have been producing in Africa and the Middle East since 2002 and have developed a true understanding of these regions. We have offices in most of the countries WE PRODUCE IN which sets us apart from most. Our in-country production teams are experienced and well established in the region.

Stills & Photography production

We facilitate shoots all over Africa and The Middle East and offer local talent as well as talent sourced internationally.

Directors / DOP’s:

We represent a large number of both international and regional local Directors and DOP’s and have put together teams that enable us to deliver on any genre while keeping our eye on the bottom line.

Editors and Animators:

Our post teams have years of experience working in both the African and
Middle eastern markets and are able to travel to the filming location or offer post
production from their place of abode

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Filming in Africa and the Middle East

Recent TVC’s completed for our clients

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