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Senegal is located on the westernmost cape of Africa, it borders the North Atlantic Ocean in west, Mauritania in north, Guinea-Bissau and Guinea in south, Mali in east and it surrounds the nation of Gambia almost entirely.

Senegal offers a variety of interesting and diverse film locations, all easily accessible once the necessary film permits are in place. The African Renaissance Monument, Museum of African Arts, Museum of Black Civilisations, House of Slaves Museum, Mosque of the Divinity and the Corniche. Wonderful local markets as well as Goree Island colonial architecture. Lac Retba, Kayar fishing village, Mboro city, the old French colonial city of Saint Louis, Joal-Fadiouth, Palmarin, Point de Sangomar, Saly, Great Mosque of Touba, Langue de Barbarie

Travelling outside of the capital along the coast, Senegal sports beautiful beaches and interesting little coastal towns renowned for their white beaches and great surf.  Then onto the green lush forests, rivers, rice paddies, mangrove, and huge kapok trees. Bandia Wildlife Reserve, Saloum Delta National Park, Niokolokoba National Park, Sangalkam Turtles Village, and Lompoul Desert to name some

Other film worthy and interesting national occurrences include music festivals such as the Abéné Festival at the beginning of each year, the St Louis Jazz Festival  and Kaay Fecc mid-year . Senegalese wrestling is the national sport with events on throughout the year.

The application for locations permits take about 7 days and the cost is dependent on what film location is to be used.