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Nigeria has a booming local film industry, known as Nollywood, but is yet to tempt many international productions. The perception that there is a lack of infrastructure and security concerns in the north have put off many international producers, but there are opportunities to take advantage of some of the greatest locations and best cast in Africa. The production of TV commercials however has boomed over the last decade with many local productions being filmed for International brands. This genre has now expanded to include many international TV series and reality shows. With a population of over 225 million people many blue-chip corporations are expanding distribution of their brand in Nigeria and the film industry is at the forefront of the supply chain with regards to digital marketing initiatives.

In the north, there is the semi-arid region of Sahel, which borders the Sahara desert, transitioning into the Savanna. Plus, the state of Niger with its national parks and game reserves, and Plateau state, known for its natural rock formations, hills and waterfalls.

While in the south there are rainforests and sandy beaches, including the golden sands of Ndibe Sand Beach, and the stunning Ogbunike Caves in the state of Anambra, which are an UNESCO World Heritage site.

Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, is a newly created city with wide boulevards, but it is Lagos that is the hub for production services and productions in Nigeria.

A film permit from the Nigerian Film Corporate is required to film in Nigeria. The permit costs $450 per film production and is usually processed within 3 days. More lead time is required for larger footprint productions such as shoots that involve traffic control or large setups.