About Us.

We are an energetic, innovative and pioneering production and post-production company who deliver exceptional work that is always beyond expectation and always on budget.

Since our early days we’ve accumulated a vast amount of experience and knowledge. Our highly skilled team have all received formal, as well as continuous on-the-job training. All our team members make a point of staying relevant by keeping up-to-date with the latest industry trends and market needs. Further to this, we have international heads of department who all use their extensive experience working in Africa and the Middle East to ensure that every production is up to our high standard.

Blazing new trails since starting in Cape Town, South Africa back in 1987, we have grown and expanded to take our work and our passion to the rest of Africa and the Middle East. Apart from our headquarters in Cape Town, we have set up production offices in most countries in Africa and the Middle East.

Our Management Team.

With our many years of experience coupled with unrelenting passion and enthusiasm we have cultivated a strong drive for excellence, with our clients and their audiences at the forefront of everything we do”

Debbie Terry

With over 25 years experience in both Production and Post-Production has made Debbie our obvious choice to lead our well-chosen team of experienced industry veterans.

Kim Roehrig

Her ability to problem solve, plan and manage, coupled with her unruffled “can do” Attitude makes her a sought after Producer.

Nicole Steyn

Nicole Steyn completed her marketing Diploma in 2010 and joined The Video Lounge as a junior researcher. She fell in love with the industry and is still firmly intrenched with the group. She has been instrumental in expanding our in country presence in Africa, Middle East and Europe. Nicole’s “can do” attitude coupled with her 9 years experience in production and her supplier negotiation skills has made her to be the obvious choice for team leader in this business unit.

Quintin Needham

Our well-traveled, well-loved marketer with 10 years of experience and a great passion for his job.

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